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Good and upright is the LORD; Therefore He instructs sinners in the way. Psalm 25:8
Psalm 145: 9 – The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all he has made.

God is … Good Psalm 25:8

Good and upright is the LORD; Therefore He instructs sinners in the way. Psalm 25:8

God is Good

I know I’ve already written about why God is good, but the complexity of His goodness warrants more than one look at each part of His character. Besides, I have more to learn about each part of His character – so thanks for learning with me (or at least putting up with me).

God instructs

God instructs, but am I a good pupil? Do I always gladly do the practice or homework He’s given me? Am I grateful for the lessons, or am I bitter.

Yesterday my son was frustrated because he had some homework to do, but he didn’t have the words he needed to define, because he was in the bathroom during the time she had them on the board. He missed the instruction. She was instructing, but he left the room. He missed the opportunity to learn from that teacher. Now there was seemingly no way for him to do that work. He’s in a new school and doesn’t have the phone numbers of any kids in his class, and his email for school wasn’t working. Finally he decided to call his teacher. She gave him the words and he gladly got his homework done in time for school.

Am I a good pupil?

How often do I “leave the room” while the Lord is instructing me. I don’t leave because I have to go to the bathroom, but I may leave because I don’t want to learn what He’s teaching me. I don’t want to learn that I need to take better care of my body. That I need to get help for my addiction to food. That I may need some counseling to help me control my temper when helping my boys with their homework. I don’t want to hear that I need improvement. I don’t like to be wrong.

I seek out other people who will tell me what I want to hear – “You look fine”, or “Oh, don’t worry, I get mad at my kids sometimes too”. Or those who will let me get away with “I’m going to start thinking about my weight tomorrow”. Those people have good intentions, but they are not Good like my God is Good. He is Good and upright. Those are His credentials. He is who I should take instruction from and whom I should follow.

What if I am a bad pupil?

I’m not always going to get it right. I’m not going to be perfect. Fortunately this verse promises to instruct us in the way. Jesus says “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” in John 14:6. The Lord instructs me about Jesus. About the one who takes all my short-comings and makes me measure up. He saves me from failing. He takes me to the top of the class so I may one day be with Him in paradise. That’s a lesson I always want to remember!

Are you a good pupil? 


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My God is … Good Psalm 145: 9

Psalm 145: 9 – The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all he has made. 

“God is Good. All the Time. All the Time, God is Good”

Have you ever heard that? I believe it. As I start this journey to learn more about God by looking at his attributes as described in the Bible, I decided to start here, because this is the attribute I lean on most. I need compassion from my Good God.

I’m not held accountable for my sin. 

God displays His compassion and goodness in so many ways in my life, but the one that is most important is that I’m not held completely accountable for my sin. Sure there are earthly consequences for my action, but if I were to be held accountable for being the sinner that I am I would be going to hell when I die. I’m not. Not because of anything I did. Not because I’m a good person (thank goodness – because most days someone I know would probably think I’m not), but because he shows me compassion through His Son Jesus Christ my Savior. Because of His Sacrifice on the cross, I get to go to heaven when I die, and that’s an exciting thing to me.

Placed in a Christian Family

But I find that He is compassionate for me in many other ways. Probably one that’s toward the top of my list is that I come from a Christian family. A family who has spent their whole lives in service to the Lord. Both as church workers and just those who care for others, my family has always had their focus on the Lord. That’s a huge blessing. My core family now, my husband, boys and I are all Christians as well. And perhaps this is where the Lord had a lot of compassion for me.

Given a Christian Husband

When I met my husband, I was a teacher in my church’s school. He wasn’t a Christian, and he wasn’t really going out of his way to learn about God. Because of my extensive knowledge of the kind of men I didn’t want to be with, I spotted the right one right away. I could tell he was different. But he wasn’t a Christian. I had been raised to look for a spouse who shared my beliefs. A man who would want to grow in our relationship together and with the Lord. Don’t let this fool you. This girl wasn’t that bright. I wasn’t going to let this wonderful man out of my sight. Christian or not, I was going to take the plunge.

We started dating, but I was very clear, come Sunday morning, you’ll know where to find me. I’ll be at church. He didn’t want to raise any red flags in my mind, so he said he’d like to join me. Then about two weeks after we started dating my pastor asked Don (my husband) if he would like to take an informational class about what we believe and maybe get baptized at the end of it. I thought, “Here we go, watch this guy run. Doesn’t my pastor know I’ve only been dating him for two weeks?” to my amazement, Don said he would like to go, and did get baptized. The Lord was compassionate and gave me the Christian husband I had desired in my heart even though I didn’t choose a man who started that way.

There are so many ways that God shows His goodness and compassion in my life. What are some of the ways He’s showing them to you?


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