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My God is…my shield 2 Samuel 22:30-32

2 Samuel 22: 30-32 

With your help I can advance against a troop;
with my God I can scale a wall.

 “As for God, his way is perfect:
The Lord’s word is flawless;
he shields all who take refuge in him.
For who is God besides the Lord?
And who is the Rock except our God?

Duck and cover

That’s an interesting phrase, isn’t it. I think it might mean very different things to different people. When I thought of it, as a resident of Oregon, I thought about getting out of a pouring deluge of rain. For those who grew up during the cold war, it reminds them of drills they had in school when they had to go under their desks to prepare for a feared nuclear attack.

For my husband who actually experienced a bombing in Saudi Arabia it may have a more urgent tone. Though he wasn’t in the main building, most of what he owned was embedded with glass from the window shattered by the explosion. I’m pretty sure if he heard someone yell, “duck and cover”, he would.

When do you duck and cover?

There are many times in our lives when we, “duck and cover”. When people aren’t kind to us, we often withdraw from our friends. When one of our ideas is shot down at work, we sheepishly go back to work vowing never to offer any suggestions again for fear of being embarrassed. Some of us have been hurt by love one too many times and are not going to put ourselves out there just to get hurt again. We all duck and cover sometimes.

What covers you? 

When you duck and cover, do you really find protection from the things you fear? You need a powerful shield to protect you from all the things life throws at you. God promises to be that shield, “He shields all who take refuge in him.”

So how do we duck and cover with God?

When things hit the fan, and you’re sure they’re only getting worse, duck and cover in the Lord’s word. When it seems life is falling apart stop and pray, really talk it through with the one who protects you. Seek out other Christians who can help you to stay close to the Lord and seek out His protection from things that might harm you. Whatever you do don’t isolate yourself from those who care, because the Devil wants to get you on your own so he can try to break you down. Stay close to cover and be protected by the one who loves you more than you’ll ever know.

All things are possible with God

Sometimes our problems seem insurmountable. But the God of the universe is able to make all things work for the good of those that love Him. I love the verse from our reading, “with my God I can scale a wall.” I know that Samuel probably didn’t mean that literally, but I have to admit I did see him as Spiderman for a second in my mind. But what Samuel writes is true, God can help us overcome the walls in our life.


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My God is…My Guard Isaiah 52:12

Isaiah 52:12– But you will not leave in haste or go in flight; for the Lord will go before you, the God of Israel will be your rear guard.

The God of Israel will be your rear guard

But you will not leave in haste or go in flight

So many times we begin to worry about what’s going to happen. We spend so much time thinking about the worst scenarios we’re no longer thinking about today. We let our fears and concerns get in the way of moving forward in what the Lord has planned for us. We stress out as if everything is dependent on us. We avoid the problems of today by allowing ourselves to get overwhelmed with what might happen. Not what’s happening, but what might happen. And I don’t know about you, but my worst fears almost never come true. I am great at making a mountain out of a mole hill.

We don’t have to run away from our problems

We don’t have to leave in haste or go in flight. You know the flight of the fight or flight reflex. How many times are we confronted by a problem, only to find ourselves looking for a way to avoid it. We even pride ourselves on it, saying to our friends, “I avoid that problem by…” or “I’m just not going to go to the meeting so I don’t have to talk to …” or “I’m going to schedule something else that night so I don’t have to go”. We even use our children as excuses to avoid responsibilities, worries, frustrations and anxieties. However, those things are all still there tomorrow. The problems or problem people haven’t gone away.

For the Lord will go before you

We can face our problems head on. We don’t have to run away or avoid them. Why, because in our verse above, God promises to go before us. Have you ever had someone call ahead and let someone know you’re coming? When you arrive they might say something like, “Oh, yeah, we knew you were coming”. That’s because someone paved the way. There’s a “Little house on the Prairie Episode” where Mr. Edwards and Charles Ingles are transporting a dangerous explosive. One man has to walk in front of the wagon, filling in holes and removing rocks. That’s what I picture the Lord doing for us. Going ahead of us, removing obstacles, rocks, and filling in the holes so we don’t get too jostled.

Have you ever had the Lord clear your path?

Maybe you remember being able to say – That worked out well. The truth is the Lord had gone before you. Making sure that things would work out for you, to His Glory. I find that the more I talk to the Lord about my hopes and dreams for me and my family, the more I can see the road being cleared for us.

The God of Israel will be your rear guard

What is a rear guard?  Definition of REAR GUARD : a military detachment detailed to bring up and protect the rear of a main body or force

He’s got your back!
You know what I find really funny about the way humans think. We not only worry about things that are coming up, but we worry about things that have already happened. We linger in the pain, wallow in the memories, thinking somehow we could change what happened or the way we were treated. But sadly we can’t change those things. But we can trust in God who promises to have our back. He promises to be our rear guard and protect us so nothing gets us from behind.
The Holy Body Guard
You’re surrounded. All around you is God’s presence. He’s protecting you from in front and behind. I’m going to try to think of that as I enter the next big problem (don’t know what it is yet). I’m going to think about Him, my Lord, going before me to make sure things go the way the should. I’m going to pray to Him and thank Him for caring for me in such away. Then I’m going to diligently do what I need to do, trusting that the Lord’s got my back and will make sure that what is supposed to happen will. I don’t know if I’ve ever entered into a problem or situation with the confidence this scripture should give.
Who’s protecting you?
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