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My God is…establishing your plans Proverbs 16:3

Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the Lord whatever you do,resolutions
and he will establish your plans.

Do you make resolutions? My cousin Lisa is always working to improve herself, a year or two ago she did mini resolutions each day. She posted them on Facebook, and I found myself inspired to do more in my life as well. Looking at our selves honestly and taking an assessment t of what’s working and what isn’t seems to be a natural part of life for many people.

Do you keep your resolutions? Many of us , new year after new year state the same resolutions. Maybe your resolution is to lose more weight, spend more time with family, or spend more time at the office (who am I kidding no one makes a resolution like that, do they). If you have made resolutions before, which ones did you keep? What made you keep them.

Resolutions are hard! If resolutions were easy to keep, we wouldn’t have to make them. We would be doing them already. If you’ve resolved to change something, what is your strategy to make it happen? Did you notice, our scripture reading gives us a way to make our resolutions happen.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and he will establish your plans.

If we commit to The Lord whatever we have resolved, He will establish our plans. So what does that look like? It’s probably a little different for everyone, but here is what I would try in light of this verse:

    • Pray about your resolution

Talk to God daily about what you’re trying to accomplish. Maybe even more often. If you’ve resolved to lose weight, pray when you are tempted to eat something you’ll regret later.

    • Read God’s word

Staying in the word will help you to grow closer to The Lord so you can discern His will more clearly, making decisions less confusing or muddled.

    • Talk with other Christians

Finding a support system for the resolution, the praying or reading scripture helps you to be held accountable to stick to what you say.

Have you made a resolution?


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