My God is…my rescuer Galatians 1:3-4

19 Apr

Galatians 1:3-4 May peace and blessing be yours from God the father and from our Lord Jesus Christ. He died for our sins just as God our father had planned, and rescued us from this evil world in which we live.

Who's your knight in shining armor?

Rescued us from this evil world
Do you think this world is evil? I’m guessing some of the people who read this will be confused by that question. To some the world is clearly going to hell in a hand basket, while others are quite content with their lives as they are living now. Most would agree that life isn’t perfect, but the latter might not be that concerned.

Is your life going too well? When our lives are going well, and things seem to be going as planned, we might find ourselves thinking we are doing ok. We’ve got a good family, we’re kind to others most of the time, and we even give some money to charity. Why would I need a rescuer?

Only the weak need a rescuer

I never dreamt of being saved by a knight on a white horse (or one in shining armor either). I don’t think I considered myself weak or in need of rescue. I wasn’t in need of rescue from actual dragons or warlords or even a mean stepmother. I grew up in a loving home, my parents are good people, and we even went to church every Sunday. My life was pretty sorted. Why would I need a rescuer?

I need a rescuer
Even if I don’t need a rescuer in my day-to-day life, and it seems like all is going well. I am still living in a world of sin, hate and destruction. I am sinful. I haven’t always done what was right. I’m not always nice to my husband and children, the very people I claim to love most, much less the woman who is rude to my son or says mean things about someone I love. I don’t want to do good. I want to lash out – get even. Not all the time, but sometimes my sinful nature just comes out. We’re all sinful. Sin means to miss the mark. So unless you’re perfect, you’re a sinner too.

The wages of sin are death
Why do people die? Because this world is full of sin or imperfections. Because of sin and imperfections our bodies don’t always work the way they were designed. Sometimes greed causes some to kill to get what the other has, but for most of us it just has us wishing them dead. The truth is all of us die. We can’t avoid it completely. And that’s because of sin.

My God is my knight in shining armor
In the verses above, we can see God’s plan for us, “He died for our sins just as God our father had planned, and rescued us from this evil world in which we live.” He planned to rescue us from death. Because of Jesus, we no longer have to fear death, because we have the promise of eternal life with Him.

Who is your knight in shining armor?

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