My God is…the Truth John 14:6

13 Sep

John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Are you Askew?

Are you truthful? 

When we’re being truthful, we don’t use any falsehoods. I’m pretty sure I can hardly tell the truth. I know that’s shocking to my friends and family who probably consider me pretty honest, and by most measurements, that’s probably correct. But Truth is so much more than just being correct. It’s being the only way. The actual way. The perfect way. When I speak about myself, my family or others, everything I say is tainted by my own experience. Earlier in my life I thought that my mom considered my sister smarter than me. Now I know I’m smarter. (Hee Hee – couldn’t help it). Actually the truth lies somewhere in between. My sister and I are both smart, and sometimes we’re both not so smart (Sorry Gail).

The truth lies somewhere in between

For most of us our perception of life is tainted by our perspective. We think one thing, while someone else thinks something completely different, but we both think we’re telling the truth. You see it a lot during election time. People say things they’ve heard and swear it is the truth, but in all honesty the facts aren’t always so clear.

Witnesses sometimes disagree

Maybe you have been to a retreat, class or a camp where they have done an activity to show the reality of truth. They’ll stage a robbery in front of you, and have you write down what you saw. They may ask you to put down as much detail as possible. When all of the “witness” statements are collected, you’ll find all sorts of inconsistencies. Was he wearing shoes? What color was his shirt? How tall was he? Oh, wait…he is a she? She was wearing flip-flops? I thought she was barefoot. She had on a tank top? I thought she was wearing a t-shirt. Sometimes when we’re excited or something unexpected happens, we can get our facts turned around. But when they bring the “perpetrator” back into the room we can see the truth.

Christian witnesses sometimes disagree

Sometimes we hear and see things from Christians that make us wonder about what they believe. Sometimes they even do evil in the name of the Lord. But we don’t worship Christians, we worship Christ. He is our truth even when Christians get it wrong. We don’t live our life by what Christians say, but what our Lord says to us through His Word, Jesus Christ.

We can see the Truth

Jesus is the Truth. When we see Him represented in scripture, we see the Truth about our Lord. We see what He wants from us and for us. He has given us a perfect example of how to live, serve the Father in heaven and each other.

When builders build, they work hard to make sure the lines of the building are true. That they are not askew. That they will stand up straight, not falter and be strong. Our God is true. He is the line against which all of the other pieces of our lives must line up. If we do not align our lives with our God who is true, we will find ourselves askew. And anyone who has built something knows if you don’t start in line and true, you will be all out of whack when you get further on.

Being Rebuilt

Sometimes we do get askew. We lose our focus and start to take our eyes off of what is True. We take our focus off our Lord, and our priorities get rearranged. We get confused, distracted and manipulated by things that want to draw us away from Christian living. We think about our want for fun, money, sex, pleasure and lose sight of the only true way to have satisfaction forever. We must believe in God and trust in the Truth so that we might live forever with Him in paradise. John 14 is an amazing book of comfort. Reading it you’ll find a lot of amazing promises from our Lord. Truths that you can count on. Truths that come from the Truth – Jesus Christ. Lets start rebuilding our lives based on the Truth, so our lives may not go askew.

Is your life built on Truth?

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