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My God is…Upholding me Isaiah 41:10

Isaiah 41:10 – do not fear, for I am with you, girl-at-door
do not be afraid, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.

do not fear, for I am with you,
    do not be afraid, for I am your God;

The devil is a bully. What do bullies do? They pick on you when you’re alone. They almost never attack or bully when they’re out numbered. The devil wants to separate you from God and those who point you towards God. The devil wants to make you feel alone and helpless. The devil wants to rob you of your joy in the Lord. But WE ARE NOT ALONE! We don’t have to fear, because God is with us. The devil doesn’t want us to feel like God is with us, but He is. In Matthew 1:23, the angel even says that Jesus should be called Emmanuel which means “God is with us.” Have you ever been bullied? Remember how alone you felt? We don’t have to feel that anymore. We need to remember that God is with us and that He’s got the situation under control. Expect Him to show up in cool and unusual ways!

I will strengthen you, I will help you

Going back to that bullying idea. The devil wants you to feel weak. Bullies try to take away your power. Well, our power is in the Lord. He is the source of our strength and our power. When we’re in trouble, when the devil is attacking, God will strengthen you. He will help you. Trust HIM!


You’re going to be attacked. And let me tell you the closer you get to God, the more you spend time with Him, the more the devil gets frustrated. He attacks. And he’s good at it. But we have one who is stronger. One who can show us the way. The one who can stop arguments in their tracks by helping us own up to our mistakes. Do you know how quickly arguments end when one person says, “Your right, I shouldn’t have done that.”? So often in our marriages and friendships, we end up trying to defend ourselves instead of owning up to our sin. It’s not easy to do, but boy does it change things. Because we have God on our side, we’re able to admit our sins and restore relationships. Without God, I find admitting my wrongs is almost impossible.

I will uphold you with my victorious right hand

But with God all things are possible. No matter how far wrong things have gone, God is able to fix the problem. Relationships, our needs, our dreams and our faith are all in God’s hands. He can take care of any of them. This part of the verse reminds me of something that happened a few weeks ago on my morning walk with my friend. She and I were walking, and she was on the street side of the sidewalk. We’re walking along fine, when she loses her balance and starts to fall toward the street, where a semi was barreling along. By the grace of God, I was able to grab her arm and pull her back from what could have been disaster. That’s what God does for us. We’re walking along. Everything seems to be going well in our lives, then WHAMO!  We trip up. Life gets hard. We make a mistake, we sin, and fall short of the Glory of God. We don’t reflect Him in our lives. But God upholds us with his victorious right hand. He reaches out and pulls us back to Him. By His grace we are able to continue on.

Have you tripped up?


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My God is…exalted Psalm 138:6-7

Psalm 138:6-7 Though the Lord is exalted, he looks kindly on the lowly;

though lofty, he sees them from afar.
Though I walk in the midst of trouble,
you preserve my life.
You stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes;
with your right hand you save me.

Definition of EXALT

transitive verb
1: to raise in rank, power, or character
2: to elevate by praise or in estimation : glorify
3obsolete : elate
4: to raise high : elevate
5: to enhance the activity of
What is mankind that you are mindful of them,
human beings that you care for them? Psalm 8:4
God is exalted. He is of the highest rank, power and character. There is no reason in our earthly minds why our God should be mindful of us. Our perfect amazing Lord deserves to be exalted. He is perfect, kind, patient and so much more (as you can see from my blog). He is deserving of our praise and to be elevated in our estimation. Our Bible verse above reads, “he looks kindly on the lowly”. That’s you and me folks. We’re the lowly. I’m not trying to make you feel bad about yourself, but in relationship to the greatness of God, we’re not much.
Though lofty, he sees them from afar
Even though God is highly exalted, He sees us. It doesn’t says He strains to see us, it says He sees us (plain and simple). He knows everything about us, and sees us more clearly than we see ourselves. And guess what? He loves us anyway!
Though I walk in the midst of trouble,
you preserve my life.
Even though God is…God, He is still mindful of us. When we’re in trouble we can expect Him to show up in unusual and amazing ways. In fact He already has. I bet that if you think about it, you’ll be able to think of a time when something was fixed or resolved in an amazing way you weren’t expecting. The biggest example of this is how the Lord saved us from our sins. There was no way we were going to earn our way to heaven. Each of us is a sinner, and if it were only by what we do that we could be saved, our bad would easily outweigh our good. But God came up with a plan. A plan that no human would have thought possible. God sacrificed His Son so that we might live. So that we might live with Him in heaven. That we might have eternal life.
How about right here and now? You can expect God to show up in unusual ways right now. Turn over your troubles to the Lord and watch Him (trust Him) to do what He says He’s going to do. He’ll sustain you through your pain, give you and escape from temptation and provide for all your needs. He loves you and will see you through your trouble. He will preserve your life for now and into eternity.
You stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes;
    with your right hand you save me.
For some reason the way I picture this part of the verse gives me great comfort. I picture some one running to attack me, and God pushes them away with His left hand and with His right He pulls me behind Him. He shields me from the danger. He saves me from the fate I deserve. I love the thought of My God being between me and my enemy. Like a father protecting his child from any sort of threat, our God stands in the gap for us. Protecting us and saving us with His right hand.
What do you exalt?
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